About us

We need your help to achieve our aim to help a wider audience and to reach beyond borders.

Vision :

At VLSI master, we visioned building a website for reference and self learning purpose in all VLSI Subjects that will become a one-stop destination for all Students and Professional Engineers.

How you can contribute :

If you wish to add content to the VLSI Master library, all it is required to send us is your latest resume at support@vlsimaster.com with a sample blog that is relevant to your Subject of Interest.

What are your benefits here?

You are most likely to be enlisted on the VLSI Master author page, provided you are selected here. Don’t worry; payment rewards await you for your hard work. The amount of payment tends to vary depending on the quality, originality, language, etc. Have faith; we pay well only!

What if you are a teacher?

We surely appreciate that you are willing to join us being a teacher. As all we aim is to make the quality of our education better every passing day. At VLSI Masters, we wouldn’t mind shooting videos with you; if you are interested, our team shall reach out to you.

Benefit from the expertise of our Recruiting Manager :

Finding the apt engineer with required skill for your project can be a crucial and tedious task. That’s where our website can help you out in shortlisting and hiring the perfect match for your project.

With us, you will be assured with :

We facilitate each company to get their Quiz tailored/drafted as per their own terms and conditions, so that it matches with their respective company policy. Not only this, we schedule online recruiting drives to make sure that you reach the vast base of engineers we cater to and hire the best.